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1. General Terms and Conditions

Area of Validity
These general terms and conditions apply both to all noncommittal reservation requests and to binding bookings of hotels & trips via the world-wide reservation system of hotels-world. Detailed information and contract conditions, which are beyond these general business terms and conditions, you receive and accept separately, during the individual reservation and booking dialogues.

Reservation Request and Booking
Every reservation request and booking will be forwarded to the corresponding hotel or supplier/operator, via hotels-world as carrier of the message. Thus, noncommittal reservation requests get to the hotel or supplier/operator via e-mail or fax, so that they themselves will send you an offer or specific information, requested by you. On the other hand, bookings of hotels & trips via hotels-world are binding. Thus, an accommodation or travel service contract comes into effect, via mouse click, when making a booking. Please pay attention to individual cancellation deadlines and conditions in particular.

Accommodation or Travel Service Contract and Payment
The accommodation or travel service contract comes into effect immediately between you and the hotel or supplier/operator of your choice, when making a booking. You pay the confirmed price directly in the hotel or directly to the individual supplier/operator. Any claims and obligations out of the accommodation or travel service contract exist between the booking customer and the hotel or supplier/operator chosen by him/her.

Standard Hotel Bookings
The standard booking is valid until 6.00 pm local time. If your arrival time is later than 6.00 pm, a fee may occur. Please pay attention to indications of the individual hotel during the booking dialogue. A claim to accommodation does no longer exist afterwards. If you can't arrive before 6.00 pm local time, you have to inform the hotel directly regarding the scheduled arrival time.

Changes and Cancellations
Cancellations have to be carried out via the hotels-world online system In case of a cancellation carried out directly at the hotel, hotels-world cannot provide any information concerning possible discrepancies concerning the date of the cancellation or the fact of cancellation as such.

Hotel-Categories and Hotel Travel Information
The internationally used hotel classification into stars, offers noncommittal information about the hotel's standard, in consideration of self assessment by the hotel. All additional information about the hotel or travel and the descriptions of which are based on the hotel's or supplier's/operator's own assessment.

Confirmed Prices according to Contract
All hotels-world prices are current, low day prices, shown in the name of the individual hotel and are valid for all bookings made via the world-wide hotels-world reservation system.
Bookings take place according to the best and currently lowest hotels-world day price in each case. This price is submitted directly by the hotel for the arrival date chosen, and is shown in the name of the hotel. Available hotels-world last-minute, seasonal, weekend or special prices, will be considered automatically during the booking.
Service charges, taxes and VAT regulations and rules differ from country to country. Please note, that a visitor's tax might apply in certain locations. In some countries, a local tax and/or a service charge is levied on the travel price or room rate. The amount of this tax changes all the time, and thus, information regarding this tax is always noncommittal.

All information was constructed with the greatest care. We accept no liability for potential mistakes made during data entry or transmission. Data transfer into other data carriers, even part of it, or its use for a different purpose to the one designated here, is only acceptable with the explicit permission of Hotels-world, Mechelen.

Information to Revocation Rights
You can revoke your registration with hotels-world at any time. Please send an according e-mail to

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These conditions are governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws in Belgium. You agree, as we do, to submit to the jurisdiction of the court located in Mechelen, Belgium.

2. Information on Protection of Privacy

Anonymous use of Reservation Service
Usually, you can activate our reservation service, without giving away any personal information, i.e. an anonymous usage is possible. Thus, you can inform yourself about offers without having to register.

If you want to be named at hotels-world as inquiry and/or booking customer or as hotel or travel supplier/operator, then we need personal data, such as your name and address, in order to process transactions. When this data entry is necessary, it is indicated explicitly during registration. This obligatory data, the extent of which can be seen from the registration form, is needed and transferred for the arrangement of the contractual relationship. Furthermore, you will receive the hotels-world newsletter regularly, on the basis of this obligatory data. You can cancel its delivery at any time. Entry of data, indicated as non-obligartory, is not necessarily needed for registration. If you make non-obligatory entries, they will be evaluated in anonymous form for statistical purposes.

Transaction Data
If you appear as inquiry and/or booking customer or as hotel and/or supplier/operator, hotels-world forwards data, needed for the accommodation contract, which you communicated to us during registration, to the individual contract partners. Your own inquiries and/or bookings will be recorded only for the purpose of making this information accessible to you.

Usage Profiles
Hotels-world does not construct any personalised usage profiles. If you move on the hotels-world reservation platform, this movement is only recorded in anonymous form, i.e. no connection can be made to you. Data gathered that way is used by hotels-world to improve usability and design of internet representation.

Hotels-world does also use so-called "cookies". They will be set during registration and contain a "session-ID", which authenticates the user during his/her active session. Naturally, usage of hotels-world is possible without cookies as well.

Right to Information
As registrated user, we inform you about what data we recorded about you, at any time free of charge. Please turn to customerservice@hotels-world, if interested.

On request, we delete your data completely and immediately. Please turn to customerservice@hotels-world in this case as well. Please note, that a deletion of data can only be made when all open transactions have been closed. We gladly inform you about a deletion of data on request.

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